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Priority Golf is the amateur golfer's digital guide. It contains everything you need to know about the great game, from tournament dates to golfing attire and from discounted green fees to mini breaks. Whether you're looking to tee off somewhere new or slip into something new, Priority Golf has got you covered.

Developed by golfers for golfers, Priority Golf brings together a wealth of golfing resources in one place. Here you'll find all the tools and accessories you need to improve your game and revamp your wardrobe. You'll also find dates to add to your diary, be it a relaxing golf and spa break or a tournament where you can put your skills to the ultimate test.

All of the products and promotions to be found on the site have been vetted by us to ensure they offer value for money and are of the highest quality. Golf is a game with many facets, all of which are reflected in the range of products and services to be found in Priority Golf. If the game to you is little more than a hobby; a means of stretching your legs and imbibing the sea air as you tee off at one of Britain's links courses, there's something here for you.

It could be an open day at a new course; a golfing break that will enable you to see the sights and savour the views while relishing the thrill of driving and putting your way around a course you haven't played before. It's a great way to explore Britain's coastlines and verdant pastures while squeezing in a round or two of your favourite leisure pursuit.

If golf is more than just a casual pastime to you - if the whack of that small white ball is music to your ears - then Priority Golf is replete with everything you need to take your game to the next level. That could mean literally, taking your clubs to a cliff-top course with views as breathtaking as the fairways themselves, or metaphorically, using the site to locate expert tutors who can improve your long game, your short game and everything in between.

Every golfer has experienced the full gamut of emotions that are part and parcel of the game; the elation of sinking a 20 yard putt and the despair of slicing once hopelessly into the rough. In that respect, the game of golf mirrors the game of life. We can't promise every ball that leaves your iron will be as true as an arrow, but we can certainly furnish you with all the resources you need to maximise your prospects of success.

With Priority Golf to inform and inspire you, go forth and enjoy the game of golf, wherever it may lead you.

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